About me

I’m 31 years old travelling photographer and videographer. I come from Lithuania and spend at least half a year here, but moving around in the world becoming bigger and bigger part of my life. I’m usually around people and I call everyone I meet ‘a friend’. I just love people no matter the character. Everyone is unique and must be respected for that.
My passion is water sports. Not that I’m good at it, but I like to watch it, try it record it. The big reason for it is places, where it takes part – lakes, oceans and seas with some of most beautiful surroundings. Once sitting on surfboard waiting for a wave in one beautiful bay of Portugal I looked around and told myself – this is where I really want to be! Water and nature is my passion!



Some of my work data:

2005 beginning of career

I started my visual arts career as a video editor. Was responsible for few big Lithuanian TV shows

2007 photo studio

was the year then I opened up my photo studio called MADS. The main interest was photographing model test and family photography.

2009 travelling

due to big changes in business and crisis I found one of the best things in the world – travelling. Since then I’ve travelled most of Europe and big part of South East Asia.

2010 teaching

Had been working as a photoshop workshop teacher in Studio 8A, Lisbon, Portugal

2011 TV show

with my friend and famous Lithuanian photographer Nerijus Paluckas and director Ramunė Čekuolytė we created a TV show about photography “Per Objektyvą”. That was the beginning of my career as a camera operator. Simultaniuosly I was a video editor for the show.

2012 water sports

I’ve spent first five months in Canary Islands, Spain to find surf filming. Was cooperating with one surf school to create some advertising videos for them. In summer I’ve found wake boarding and spent some time learning how shoot fast moving water sports. By the end of the year I’ve began my South East Asia trip I didn’t even notice how I’ve became a travel consultant for many people over Facebook. This social network worked as my travel photo blog since.